Ramadan? Seeing people fast? How are you going to support it? How did your school support it? The Gatwick School has its own way of celebrating the fast of our Muslim students!


Ramadan is the 9th month in the Islamic calendar and it is a month where Muslims fast (no eating nor drinking) from sunrise to sunset. This year Ramadan collides with Easter making this year extra special! Many of you may wonder why it is extra special, and I’ll tell you why! 


In Ramadan, Muslims fast for their god. In Easter, Christians give up food or sweets for their god. This shows repentance and discipline. How amazing is that!


At The Gatwick School, we had our Racial Equality Ambassadors do an assembly on Ramadan and how people could support those fasting. We had also given advice on how to make it easy for those fasting, like not eating in front of them and allowing them to do their prayers during their free time. Racial Equality Ambassadors had also addressed things like war torn nations, and how we could give at least some thought to them during this time. At The Gatwick School, we have promoted kindness to go along as a theme for Ramadan. 


One way The Gatwick School is showing kindness, not just because it’s Ramadan, but because it should always be shown, we have introduced non-uniform day for student if they bring at least a pound for charity!


What will you do to support these people fasting?