Earlier today, I had the amazing experience of watching Romeo and Juliet at The Globe, in London. 


The Globe theatre is rather unusual as there are many spaces below that have no seats( so the audience stands there watching, sometimes even leaning onto the stage), and the theatre also has no ceiling meaning the audience is exposed to the weather, making it an interesting yet - in my case - slightly cold experience, it also meant that a pigeon flew in and started flying around the audience and landing on the stage.


The performance was a modern take on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, which is the tale of two star-crossed lovers from rival families that end up killing themselves due to this rivalry. 


Many actors performed stunts on bikes, such as jumping over other performers with their bike and only narrowly missing them. They had people dressed up as police officers but also many in casual wear such as joggers and a hoodie, along with a collection of other unusual costumes. My personal favourite was The Nurse who wore a NHS outfit, and the actress who played her made her character very entertaining and was rather bubbly and excited continuously, which truly added to the experience! 


The effects of the show were very well done, the wounds and blood were incredibly realistic(even leaving a stain on the floor). The bike stunts were incredibly impressive, and the actors played their characters very well and they each left an impression. 


Overall, it was incredible, funny and genuinely worth it. Everything was so well done, and the modern aspects of it kept everyone on edge to see how it slightly altered the story.