We all know Michael McIntyre off the telly.

The smiley chap whose wholesome brand of comedy and entertainment has landed him primetime BBC shows The Wheel and Michael McIntyre's big show.

He is great fun so when they suddenly announced, just over a week ago, that he was coming to Brighton's Theatre Royal I wanted to see how his stage show compared. He is in the middle of his sold-out Magnificent tour which includes a show at Eastbourne's Congress theatre on Thursday.

It will hardly be a surprise for me to tell you that if you have tickets for that show you are in for a treat.

His show did come with the advisory that it was for people aged 14 plus.

That had me wondering how different he could be, but don't worry it is just a bit of a change to the type of language you might be used to hearing him use and references to some more adult themes. He doesn't suddenly become some kind of Frankie Boyle type comedian with shock factor.

The support act, Jake Lambert, had everyone enjoying themselves before McIntyre came out in a relaxed way, reassuring everyone that he would soon get into his groove.

One of those more adult themes was the reason for changes to his tour and how he became ill with a kidney stone. I could barely listen to the horror of what he went through with that. It is a hilarious account of course.

McIntyre has his critics of course, is he seen as too bland, his subjects too everyday?

But that's his strength, get over it. He can and does make anything funny, even talking about yawning, like he did on Thursday night.

But his themes are extensive. I loved his jokes about his stay in an American hotel and a mix-up with dog food.

His Covid birthday party story had us all in stitches and I think my favourite, again which I won't ruin, was his piece about silent letters.

We were treated to new jokes that he was trying out and they were all excellent. He said he loved being closer to, and seeing the crowd. His current tour is mainly at huge arenas.

The Theatre Royal crowd was therefore able to enjoy some close-up encounters and discussions with him that also showed he can turn anything into something funny. His popularity is deserved and everyone had an amazing night by the looks of it. If you have a ticket, enjoy Eastbourne.