A doughnut shop has closed after less than two years of trading.

The shutters at Crosstown in Sydney Street, Brighton, are permanently down after the bakery packed up and stopped trading.

Crosstown opened its third branch outside London in Brighton on December 9, 2022. But just over one year later, the store is all but empty with just the fixtures remaining.

The Argus: The shop was on one of the city's busiest streetsThe shop was on one of the city's busiest streets (Image: Andrew Gardner / The Argus)

Its doughnuts were branded expensive by many - it charged upwards of £5 for a single sourdough pastry.

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Reddit user Petulantkid said: "I thought they were pretty tasty doughnuts, agreed they're very pricey though."

The Argus: The unit remains emptyThe unit remains empty (Image: Andrew Gardner / The Argus)

Russell_Ruffino said: "Was excited about it opening as I'd tried them in London and thought they were great. But like others, I went once and never went back.

"They were more expensive and not as good as the ones I'd had elsewhere. Other cake/dessert places are cheaper and better. Surprised they've closed this quickly but not that surprised they've closed."

The property is up for rent through letting agent Flude for £19,500 per year.

Crosstown did not respond to requests for comment.