Brighton and Hove is the UK's third most congested city.

According to new research, commuters in the area lose on average 46 hours of their time sitting in traffic every year.

The research by Moneybarn also found that drivers in the city waste an average of £100 on fuel as a result of this.

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The study used TomTom Traffic Index data to analyse.

The research also revealed Belfast to be the most congested city in the UK, followed by Manchester in second place.

London was not ranked on the list of the top ten most congested cities.

A spokesman for Moneybarn said: "Brighton and Hove takes third place after receiving a congestion score of one point four six per cent.

"The charming coastal resort city is one of the most popular locations on the south coast for day trips and relocating from London.

"However, this small city’s infrastructure can only handle so much traffic, with drivers wasting 46 hours annually due to congestion and burning £100 of fuel."