Buying authentic, tailored Instagram comments can be incredibly helpful when it comes to boosting your growth and reach. Here are the best companies to choose. 

So, you’re one of the 30.6 million Instagram users in the UK, and you’re ready to start growing your presence, either to create an income stream as an influencer or as a way to market your business. Either way, you’ve already made the important first step: you’ve decided to put effort into your Instagram account. There are great money-making opportunities on Instagram if you know how to find and take advantage of them. UK influencers can earn between one hundred and thousands of pounds per post.

Of course, in order to actually make money from your Instagram account, you need to gain followers and keep them engaged. Fortunately, the Instagram algorithm is designed to connect users with content that they will find interesting. 

Unfortunately, it favours large accounts by default, because high engagement is a key factor in deciding what posts are recommended most often. You can spend months, or even years, building a following organically. However, there is a quicker way: you can buy Instagram comments to boost your engagement rates

If you’re in a hurry, here are the best sites to buy Instagram comments from:

●    Twicsy
●    Buzzoid
●    Rushmax
●    BuzzMaven Agency
●    The Social Co.

Is Buying Instagram Comments a Good Idea? 

Depending on who you talk to, you will either be told that buying Instagram comments is a great idea or a terrible idea. You see, it’s widely known that many influencers and brands have bought comments or Instagram followers in order to boost their growth.

However, it is actually against the platform’s terms of service to buy engagement or followers to boost engagement, as this is classed as algorithm manipulation. 

Nonetheless, if you buy comments or followers from the right companies, you can see quick and prolonged organic growth as a result of bought engagement. Once the algorithm starts to recommend your content to the right people, it is very likely that you will see natural engagement and an increase in your follower count. So, what are the risks?

Well, one big risk is that your account could get flagged as a result of suspicious activity. This can lead to your account being temporarily suspended or permanently deactivated. However, you can mitigate this risk by buying smaller packages to increase your engagement rate or follower account in stages, as opposed to buying large amounts of followers and engagement quickly. 

A second, far more serious risk is the chance of being scammed. There are fraudulent companies that may take your money and deliver nothing, or try to steal your data. Thankfully, you can mitigate this risk by looking for clear warning signs and steering clear of these styles of companies. 

How to Spot Fraudulent Companies

When shopping around to buy Instagram comments, knowing how to spot the signs of a fraudulent company will prevent you from having your data or money stolen. These are the warning signs to be aware of:

●    Companies that promise guaranteed results at ridiculously low prices
●    Companies that provide no way to contact customer service, or whose customer service is hard to reach
●    Companies that ask for payment via direct transfer
●    Companies that ask for your Instagram login information

A company that asks for this kind of information or promises you spectacular results at a very low cost is very likely to be either a scam or unreliable. Avoid these companies and look instead for businesses that prioritise security and quality, and have good reviews on third-party sites. 

The 5 Best Places to Buy Instagram Comments (UK)

These companies are some of our favourites when it comes to buying Instagram comments in the UK. They are reliable, have good reviews, and offer quality comments from active, non-bot Instagram accounts. 


If authenticity and quality are your main concerns, Twicsy should be number one on your list. Twicsy offers several engagement services, as well as follower packages, and they only work with authentic, non-bot accounts to deliver their services. 

The Argus:

Another benefit of working with Twicsy is the guidance and support that they offer. They have a friendly, professional, 24/7 customer service team who will be more than happy to talk you through the services they offer and help you to formulate a plan that will guide you toward meeting your long-term goals. Thanks to their dedication to quality, Twicsy’s service carries a minimal risk of your account being flagged, suspended, or terminated. 

Finally, Twicsy makes it very easy to place and finalise your order. They offer multiple payment methods and quick delivery, as well as the security of knowing that your data will be safe. They store data on a temporary server that is wiped after your order is completed. 


Buzzoid is number one for speed and efficiency; they offer great value for money on all of their services, too. So, if you know exactly what you want and your goal is to buy Instagram comments, engagement actions, or followers with minimal fuss, they will give you exactly that. 

The Argus:

However, the lower cost of Buzzoid packages is the result of the ‘no-frills’ approach that Buzzoid takes. For example, they do have a customer service department and they are easy to reach, but they do not provide oversight or guidance when it comes to social media marketing strategies. As such, this is not the best company for complete newbies. 


When security is your main concern, as it often is for people looking to buy Instagram comments, Rushmax is one of the best companies to work with. You see, Rushmax does not require you to make an account to buy comments, views, likes, or followers, and they will not store your information. 

This means that there is no direct link between your account and your order, which reduces the likelihood that it will be suspected, suspended, or terminated by Instagram. But what about the quality of the service they offer?

Well, Rushmax works with active Instagram accounts, and provides tailored comments and engagement in order to boost their clients’ accounts and provide secondary, organic growth. They deliver quickly, and the quality is good. However, if there’s one criticism to be had, it’s that the speed of delivery does run the risk of causing your account to be flagged, so be careful about the amount of comments, likes, or followers you buy in one batch. 

BuzzMaven Agency 

Looking for help and support to create a marketing strategy and begin taking actions that will help you to meet your goals? If so, BuzzMaven Agency is here to help. They have a team of experts on hand to talk you through their packages and provide support (though they can be a little slow to respond at certain times of the week). 

BuzzMaven Agency works with realistic, active Instagram accounts and takes care to deliver organic looking, targeted comments that suit your account’s niche. The main downside is that they do ask for a lot of information to provide this service, so if you are trying to minimise how much data you provide, they may not be the right choice for you. 

The Social Co.

With a specialty for working with influencers who want to create and solidify their personal brand, The Social Co is a young company that is quickly gaining a reputation for excellence. They are a small team, but they work with the most authentic Instagram accounts to provide comments and engagement that meet their clients’ needs. 

They can be a little more expensive than some of the other companies on the list, but this is because of the quality of their service. The main downside is that their delivery times can be a little slow. However, many previous customers indicate that it is worth the wait.

Why We Chose These Companies

We know how important social media is for many people; from gaining a sense of connection to creating an income stream, your account has value and meaning. We chose these companies because we would be happy to work with them ourselves. 

They are reputable, provide high quality comments, and work with active Instagram accounts to minimise the risk of orders causing account suspension or termination. They also take data security seriously, never ask for login information from their customers, and have good customer reviews on third party sites. In short, we chose these companies because they are safe and effective.