Brighton has been named the least affordable city for renters in England with tenants spending more than half their salary on rent.

A new study of over 50,000 renters found tenants in the city were spending 56.9 per cent of their pay cheque on rent.

It means the area is the most expensive city in England for renters, ahead of London, and among the most expensive areas nationwide.

Advice from companies including Experian and Canopy suggest that between 30 and 40 per cent of salaries should be spent on rent – but tenants in Brighton are spending nearly double that.


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Canopy chief executive Chris Hutchinson said: “It is sobering to see that one in five tenants are spending the vast majority of their salary on rental payments and it neatly encapsulates the tricky situation that many tenants with aspirations of home ownership are in.”

As well as being the least affordable English city, Brighton ranks the fifth least affordable place in the UK behind Stirling, in Scotland, and Gillingham, Poole and Gosport, which are all towns.

Nationally tenants spend an average of 38 per cent of their wages on rent each month, with London falling just below the mean for the UK.