We do appreciate the Prime Minister coming to Sussex, of course.

And we wanted to attend to ensure readers knew all about why he was coming and what was discussed.

What we did not appreciate was not being fully informed about Rishi Sunak's plans to go on to Horsham High Street and wander around talking to people.

It is important to see how he interacts with everyone, what they want to ask him and how he responds in person. Did those who bumped into him like what he said? What's the general view about his visit?

But the huddle of journalists, told to wait for him at Boots, were unaware that he was meeting shoppers. They were then allowed to ask one question each.

The No.10 press office wanted to control the output so much that the pictures were right and perhaps they were worried about what we might witness if we saw him interacting with voters.

That's poor form from the Prime Minister in our view.

Be confident and proud Rishi, if you think you can stay in office.

This was your chance to show you can speak to people and win them round. If nobody knows you are out on the street then we cannot witness any positives you may be able to get across.