Plans have been made to expand a McDonald's restaurant and drive-thru.

The fast food branch, which is next to a busy stretch of the A27 in Lyminster Road, near Arundel, is part of the Crossbush Services area.

The proposals, which were submitted to Arun District Council on behalf of McDonald's, are for the drive-thru to be extended with an additional booth added.

At the moment, the drive-thru only has two booths where customers can pay and then collect their orders in vehicles.

A spokesman for McDonald's said the additional third booth, which would be positioned after these two existing serving windows, would be used for "fast-forward ordering".

No further information on what this would involve or how this would work was set out in the planning documents.

The Argus: An additional booth will be added

The plans also include proposals to extend the restaurant to the rear and the front.

This would involve relocating the customer entrance to the side of the building and adding new doors.

The existing entrance would then be used as a courier collection point with a pedestrian crossing in place just outside the restaurant.

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If the plans are approved, there will be more space for customers to dine inside the restaurant as the internal floor space would increase from 212.5 square metres to 294.6 square metres.

The chain has also proposed to install a new electric kiosk and to increase the number of parking spaces for customers by adding eight extra bays.

The number of spaces where people can charge their electric cars would remain the same, however these could be relocated within the car park.

The disabled parking bays would remain unchanged.

If the plans are approved, McDonald's said that access to the restaurant from neighbouring roads would also remain the same and that no new roads would be created as a result of the work.

The opening hours and number of staff would also not be affected by the plans, however the restaurant would have to close for a period of time while work is underway.

A final decision is expected to be made by May 30.

Residents are able to comment on the application until May 10.