A protester who dumped bin bags outside the town hall in fury over the state of a beauty spot has convinced the council to review its waste collection arrangements.

Brighton and Hove City Council has said it is taking forward plans to redesign an entrance to Stanmer Park so that Cityclean bin lorries have better access.

Dog walker Chris Pickles carried black bin bags, dumped at the Chalk Hill car park for more than three weeks, to Hove Town Hall where he left them on the council's doorstep.

"I looked at it and my stomach just turned," Chris said. "I thought the only thing to do is to take it down to the council so it makes the point," he told The Argus at the time.

The Argus: The rubbish at Chalk HillThe rubbish at Chalk Hill (Image: Supplied)

Less than two hours after he left the bags outside the head office, the pile of rubbish at Chalk Hill was collected by a council worker in a pickup truck.

And now the city's environment boss, councillor Tim Rowkins, said the council will install a new bin and improve access for waste collections.

He said: "Some time ago bollards were installed in the car park to stop vehicles from entering to fly tip.

"This has reduced flytipping, but it’s also made it difficult for Cityclean vehicles to get to the site, especially when tree work is taking place.

"At the same time the dog waste bin was removed from the car park which has led to an increase in dog waste being left where the bin used to be. This is unacceptable. No-one should be dumping waste in the park where there is not a bin.

“Dog waste can be put in general litter bins throughout the park and we are looking to install a new bin in this car park once we have improved access for waste collections.

“Both Cityclean and our parks team have been picking up from the site when they can. We apologise that this has not been frequent enough and are increasing our visits. 

“Can I also make a plea for all park visitors to put their general and dog waste in the nearest bin or take it home. This will help our staff and volunteers keep the park looking pristine for everyone to enjoy.”

The Argus: Chris Pickles outside Hove Town HallChris Pickles outside Hove Town Hall (Image: Andrew Gardner / The Argus)

Chris, who runs Waggy Walks dog walking celebrated the proposals but feared it could result in a resurgence of antisocial behaviour.

He spends upwards of £600 per year parking at the location and said the mound of rubbish was constantly growing - and could have continued had he not taken action last week.

He said: "When compared with what we've had to face up to, and work with, the past few years, this is an absolutely brilliant move.

"Those bollards worked in restricting people dumping waste, together with people taking up residence in the car park. I feel that taking the bollards away in whatever fashion will result in a resumption of this anti-social activity.

He suggested a solution with smaller vehicles could be considered.