Brighton and Hove is among the top money-making spots for holiday-let owners.

Around £13 million was made by holiday lets businesses in the city last summer, ranking it third behind London and Cornwall for profitability.

It comes as more than 130,000 nights in rental properties were bought through sites like AirBnB and in Brighton last summer.

New statistics from the Office for National Statistics show that 134,010 nights of holidays were booked in lets across the city from July to September, 2023.

With the average price for a night around £100, the location revenue for Brighton and Hove was estimated at over £13 million.

Brighton ranked sixth in the country as among the most profitable locations behind Cornwall and the boroughs of London including Westminster, Camden and Chelsea.

Wealth of Geeks, which commissioned the study, said: “Holiday rentals play a vital role in the UK's tourism industry by supporting local economies, providing accommodation to enhance visitor experience, and promoting tourism in diverse regions across the country.

“Tourism also helps to promote awareness of lesser-known areas, helping to distribute tourist spending more evenly across the country.

“While some destinations may experience seasonal fluctuations in tourism often in the summer months, holiday rentals attract visit year-round, helping to sustain economies and businesses during off-peak seasons.”