An area in Brighton described as a "bohemian Narnia" has been named among the UK's top 15 coolest neighbourhoods.

North Laine was included on the list from The Telegraph which was detailing their "favourite urban neighbourhoods".

Discussing the creation of the list the publication wrote: "“Living like a local” has become one of the 21st century’s most unstoppable travel trends. Yes, there’s a time and a place for joining the throng at a big-hitting tourist attraction.

"Visiting London without strolling down the South Bank, peering through the gates of Buckingham Palace or gazing up at the majestic dome of St Paul’s just wouldn’t be right. 

"But if you want a window to the soul of a city, if you want to really uncover its quirks, it pays to get off the beaten track and visit one of its up-and-coming quarters – to which residents, not tourists, flock for bustling restaurants, cosy pubs and independent boutiques."

The full list of the UK's coolest neighbourhoods can be found on The Telegraph website here.

What did The Telegraph say about North Laine?

Due to the wide variety of shops and eateries located in North Laine the area was described as a "grid of eternal happiness".

The Telegraph wrote: "Turning left out of Brighton station onto Trafalgar Street and walking through the under-road tunnel towards North Laine is like taking a portal to bohemian Narnia. 

"Whether you want rare vinyl, a piercing, a tailored suit, a Fender Stratocaster or bubble tea, you’ll find it somewhere in this largely traffic-free street-muralled grid of eternal happiness.

In terms of places to shop the newspaper recommended the "vintage emporium" of Snoopers Paradise and the "organic produce store and bakery" of Infinity Foods among others.

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Pelicano and Black Mocha were commended for their coffee whilst Lavash was highlighted as a great lunch spot with its "fresh falafel in light, pillowy wraps".

They added: "People watch over a pint outside The Dorset ( or Mrs Fitzherbert’s (

"The latter is named for the Prince Regent’s older lover, Maria Fitzherbert. His legacy pleasure palace, the Grade I-listed Royal Pavilion, is nearby."