As the treacherous exam season approaches again, it’s important to remember to take some time away for studying. Whilst working towards those top grades, ensure you go outside and have a walk around. Sitting at a desk studying all day, no matter how productive it may feel, has been proven to actually worsen your ability to concentrate and will make remembering the content just that much harder. One of the many ways to get some time to yourself is by doing sports. Even if you don’t consider yourself an athlete, and you aren’t particularly interested in more mainstream sports such as football and basketball, there’s certainly a sport for everyone to try. Here are just a few that you can do at home or in a facility nearby:

  • Pilates

Pilates, which are described as a set of exercises that improve strength, balance, flexibility and posture, are similar to yoga but slightly more challenging. Not only does it build core strength, but it also enhances mindful movement and spatial awareness. These are easy to do at home; all you need is a YouTube video! You can even do it with friends, or outside in your back garden, basking in the fresh air and warming sun. Whilst some routines and exercises require certain equipment, such as mats, balls and resistance bands, these are all easily obtainable on Amazon, or there are numerous exercises that can be done without. 

  • Dance Fitness

Just like Pilates, this is an easy exercise that can be done at home, at ranging difficulty levels. As it says in the name, Dance Fitness is just dancing as a means of exercising and passing time, and can be done by anyone, no matter how bad at dancing you may be. This can be done at home, or potentially at a gym that offers these types of classes like Zumba. You can use a video and follow the guidance, use games such as Just Dance which has all of the popular songs, or simply just put on some music and dance freestyle. Dancing for at least thirty minutes a day is a great way to relieve stress and stretch out your muscles a bit before you return to studying.

  • Couch to 5K

Finally, why not give this programme a try? Couch to 5K is a running programme that anyone can follow, which spans over six weeks with the aim to get you from a beginner level of stamina to a place at which you can comfortably run 5K. This is totally free and the perfect opportunity to listen to some music or podcasts, perhaps even learning a new language as you run. Participating in this programme ensures that you get outside every day, but also get your heart pumping faster, which decreases the risk of health problems in future.