A man who was two times over the drink driving limit was awoken by police officers after falling asleep at the wheel.

Mark Bailey was seen driving around a leisure centre car park while intoxicated and was reported to police.

Officers found the 49-year-old dozing at the wheel with his engine still running.

Sussex Police Constable Daniel Broad said: “Following reports from vigilant members of the public, Bailey was promptly located by officers and prevented from continuing his journey and putting the community in danger.


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“Drink driving is a primary contributor to deaths and serious injuries on our roads. Informing the police could genuinely save someone's life.”

Bailey was found asleep in the Goldsmith Leisure Centre car park in Crowborough just after 4.30pm on March 30. After waking from his alcohol-induced slumber Bailey tested more than double over the drink driving limit.

He admitted driving over the alcohol limit and was banned from driving for 20 months.

Bailey, of Stephens Road in Tunbridge Wells, was also ordered to pay a £1,894 fine.