An empty ambulance station could be demolished and replaced with a four-storey block of flats.

Plans have been submitted to Arun District Council proposing to demolish the existing building in Paterson Wilson Road, Littlehampton, and instead turn the site into homes.

The proposals, submitted by Lewis and Co Planning on behalf of developers JBA Estates Limited, state that there would be nine flats in the block if plans are approved.

These would be a mix of one, two and three-bedroom homes.

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Lewis and Co Planning also said that there will be a maximum of three flats on each floor "to encourage and retain a sense of personal ownership".

According to the design plans there will be two flats on the ground floor, three flats on the first floor and second floor, and one on the top floor.

The developers argued that the homes would provide "much-needed new housing" on the brownfield site and would "improve the visual amenity" of the area.

They said this is because the ambulance station, which has been empty since 2021, is a single-storey building "made of painted corrugated metal and bricks", whereas the new block would be a "contemporary attractive building".

The plans state that the flats would have a shared garden along with nine car parking spaces and a storage facility for up to 12 bikes.

Some of the homes would also have private balconies.

To support the application further, the developers also had a transport report produced by Reeves Transport Planning Ltd.

Reeves commented that the mix of car parking spaces, bike storage and the nearby location of public transport facilities in the plans meant that the development would not have a "severe impact on highway capacity".

A spokesman for Lewis and Co Planning said: "The development proposal makes efficient and effective use of the site and provides well-designed homes.

"In terms of sustainability, the proposed development would generate financial and economic benefits for the local economy through the construction of the building, and the prospective occupants would provide support for local businesses."

A decision on whether to approve the plans is set to be made by June 3.