A crafty crocheter who puts her creations out in the dark of night has returned with her latest postbox topper.

Amanda MacMath, who lives in Telscombe Cliffs, spent much of the past two weeks working on her newest topper for the postbox outside the post office in Marine Drive, Rottingdean.

She put the melted ice cream creation up overnight a few days ago and residents have already lauded her for her skills.

The Argus: The postbox topper in Marine Drive, RottingdeanThe postbox topper in Marine Drive, Rottingdean (Image: Amanda MacMath)

Amanda, also known as Nanny Bears Crochet, said: “I have had enough of the cold weather so wanted to bring on the summer a bit.”

The name was inspired by her grandson Stanley.

“My grandson Stanley used to call me Nanny Bear and so I thought I’ve got to have a name because people see things and they want to know where it’s from,” she said.

The ice cream was her grandson Stanley’s idea, but she decided to make upside down and melted or else it would be too top heavy.

The Argus: Amanda MacMath donated this postbox topper to a boy who lives near her who loved itAmanda MacMath donated this postbox topper to a boy who lives near her who loved it (Image: Amanda MacMath)

The 52-year-old said: “You can get stuck for ages at the traffic lights there so it is nice for people to have something to look at.

“I have had lovely feedback from the people in the village.

“My daughter is having driving lessons so we drove past it and already people were stopping to take a look.

“I love Rottingdean. Everyone is so friendly and it reminds me of villages near Bath, where I come from.”

The Argus: Amanda MacMath, right, and her daughter KarmannAmanda MacMath, right, and her daughter Karmann (Image: Amanda MacMath)

Amanda said that people now try to be the first to spot her when she is out in the dark doing her “yarn-bombing”.

Hayley Payne, who runs Handy Hardware next to the post office, saw Amanda on a doorbell camera putting the ice cream on the postbox.

“But it was her daughter who caught me first,” Amanda said. “She saw me as I was putting it up.”

The Argus: Amanda MacMath with her latest creationAmanda MacMath with her latest creation (Image: Amanda MacMath)

Amanda also crochets toppers for the postbox outside her local shop in Central Avenue, Telscombe Cliffs.

Last summer she made one of seagulls eating chips which residents also loved.

Amanda donated it to a boy who lives nearby her who particularly liked it.