Visitors have called a Sussex beach a sandy "paradise" that would "beat the Mediterranean".

Camber Sands, near Rye, is one of the few sand dune beaches in the county alongside West Wittering.

Although not the most easily accessible beach, it has a number of positive TripAdvisor reviews from satisfied visitors.

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This includes one visitor who said the sandy beach was like "paradise".

They said: "Paradise in Camber Sands.

"Camber Sands and all the close-by beaches were excellent.

"Our dog was in paradise and so were we despite the bracing but refreshing British weather."

Another visitor said: " Amazing beach. Clean, looked after and incredible in the sunshine. One not to be missed."

The beach was also called "absolutely beautiful" by one visitor who said they would "certainly" return.

They wrote on TripAdvisor: "Absolutely beautiful beach, all sandy, very well maintained, clean and tidy, well marked for dog friendly sections.

"Highly recommended. We are certainly going back again soon."

The beach also left very high impressions on one man who said that it would "beat the Mediterranean" if the weather was always sunny.

He said: "Perfect. This beach would beat the Med every day if we have the correct weather. Which I have had every time."

Despite a number of positive reviews, some visitors to the beach were not as enthusiastic about this area of the coast.

One visitor said: "The beach was ok. Have been to nicer beaches.

"Watch out for the feisty seagulls on the beach. You have to walk out quite far as the tide was out."

The Argus: The beach was even compared to the Mediterranean

One person also commented that the beach was "not as pretty" as it once was.

They wrote in their review: "Used to love visiting here but sadly it’s rather untidy and the sea just smells."

One visitor also said that although they liked the beach, it was home to "terrifying seagulls" that ruined their experience.

They said: "The beach at the west end is beautiful and backed by rolling sand dunes.

"However this has the worst, most aggressive seagulls I have ever seen. A picnic or even a few sandwiches would be impossible."

According to TripAdvisor, the beach has an average of 4.5 stars out of five and is one of the top things to do in Camber.