A patient has married his long-term partner in a hospital ceremony.

Mick Frost, 69, from Southwick, married Liz Pickard, 74, in Worthing Hospital after suffering health issues for over six months.

He was first admitted with an infection last year and was then moved to a rehab facility for his recovery.

But Mick had a stroke at the facility and returned to Worthing Hospital for long-term treatment.

During this time, Mick and Liz, a retired healthcare assistant who worked at Southlands Hospital in Shoreham, began discussing the idea of a wedding.

Then Mick developed pneumonia and the couple, who had wanted to get married for a "long time", feared it would not happen.

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But they were supported by Worthing Hospital staff and the hospital chaplains, who helped them apply for a registrar.

Those on the Durrington Ward where Mick is a patient helped him to regain his strength and increase his energy levels in time for the big day.

They decorated the chapel space and organised food and one of the doctors baked a wedding cake.

The Argus: The couple celebrated in the ward afterwards

The civil ceremony went ahead earlier this month in front of Liz's two children, friends and staff in the hospital chapel.

A small reception was held in a separate part of Durrington Ward to allow the couple, who have been together for eight years, to celebrate.

Liz said: “It was amazing what everyone did, it was lovely. I never expected it.

"Mick couldn’t get any better care then what he gets on this ward and it’s just amazing what all the nurses, and Alma, and everybody have done for us.” 

Alma Depena, ward sister, said: “It has been Mick and Liz’s long-time wish to get married. Mick has been with us in the ward for quite a long time and when he became poorly, we all realised we should make their special day happen, whatever it takes.  

“With the help of the amazing team at Durrington Ward, everyone has done their bit to make the couple’s day very special and we wish Mick and Liz all the best as they start their journey as a newlywed couple.”

The Argus: Ward Sister, Alma Depena, said she wanted to make the wedding happen for the couple

Reverend Allison Becker, deputy head of chaplaincy, said it was a "privilege" to marry the couple and that the wedding was a "joyous" occasion.

She said: “As someone who has been able to listen to and witness their love story, their many years together, it mattered to them to be married.

"Any wedding in a hospital setting is not what a couple would envision for themselves but for Mick and Liz, who have gone through recent changes in Mick’s health, the reality of what is most important to them became really clear, really quick, in a natural and true way.  

“Being married mattered tremendously, so we were there to support them on that journey.

"Blessing their marriage in witness of family and friends was a really sacred and joyous thing and was a privilege to do so.”