A young man punched and kicked two police officers while under the influence of Xanax.

Officers were called to a report of a male being aggressive while on drugs at a flat in Brighton, on September 3 last year.

When they arrived Cameron Davidson, 24, was walking out and the officers grabbed him to handcuff him.

Brighton Magistrates’ Court heard that he clenched his body and fists to resist arrest.

The officers tried to get Davidson on the floor but were unable.

Benjamin Parkinson, prosecuting, said he was “actively trying to assault them and the situation was escalating and they were in danger”.

“The officer pushed his red button which alerts other officers in the area,” said Mr Parkinson.


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“They then used Pava spray which did not work. One of the officers recalled being hit in the face with a closed fist.

“During the ground pin he kicked one of the officers in the stomach which winded her.

“Eventually the Pava spray worked and they put handcuffs on him.”

Mr Parkinson said the officers found the assaults “very upsetting and felt very frightened”.

He said one “questioned if would be going home that night or going to the hospital at the end of his shift".

Kevin Light, defending, said: “The explanation is he met up with an associate, took drugs with them on top of drinking. He argued with his partner.

“He made some wrong decisions in acting in the way he did. He regrets that.”

Xanax is a benzodiazepine often used to to treat anxiety and insomnia.

Mr Light said Davidson had become a father in the last week.

Davidson, who had one previous conviction for a non-violent offence, could have been given a short custodial sentence.

He admitted two counts of assault with intent to resist arrest in the police interview and at the first opportunity in court.

Chairwoman of the bench Alison Musker said: “We are giving you a community order, clearly these police were quite frightened of your behaviour.”

Davidson was ordered to pay each officer £100 and will pay £499 total costs. He will also undertake ten rehabilitation days.

Davidson will pay £25 a month to the court.