Moving gradually through the first months of the year, flowers have finally started to blossom, and the sun has started to shine again after what seems to be a very long winter. The sun is setting later, and the days are becoming brighter, always helping to bring everyone’s moods up after the cold, dark winter that we spent locked up in our houses to stay warm. This uplifting time of year is full of beauty and life, as the colour comes back into wildlife, and lambs bleat in the fields. I find music to be something that helps me to celebrate this time of year and find myself listening to even more new music around this time of year. With this, I wanted to share my top 5 albums perfect for a spring walk, a long train ride, or any situation!

1. 'Messy' by Olivia Dean (2023)

London born singer-songwriter Olivia Dean’s debut album titled ‘Messy’ is definitely a perfect one for the spring feelings of life and fun. Packed full of soul and vibrant feeling, this album takes you on an exploration of emotions, from peaceful, slow tracks to energetic and dynamic beats. Dean takes us on a tour through her thoughts, delving into imperfections she finds, and by the end of the album, conveying her acceptance and even appreciation of them in life! Within the album, slower, soulful tracks are intertwined seamlessly with dynamic, and groovy songs, making the album an incredible experience from start to finish, leaving the listener perfectly at peace and full of the infectious soul Dean interlaces through each song.  


2. ‘Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We?’ By The Cranberries (1993)

For a throwback classic, ‘Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We?’ by the Cranberries is a dreamy addition to this list. The Irish band laced this album with an extremely whimsical and fairytale feel, making it so timeless for generations, and the atmospheric chords mixed with enchanting vocals make this a magical experience for a listener. The dreaminess mixed with drama of this album makes it perfect for bedroom listening, or for long drives in the spring day sunshine.


3. 'Volcano' by Jungle (2023)

If you are looking for a dance record with super catchy beats and dynamic funk, Volcano is the album for you. Produced by London- based musical group Jungle, Volcano oozes with groove and coolness, and the strong rhythm leaves not one person sitting still. It is impossible to not fall straight into the music and dance along with the songs, which echo so much soul and passion from the group. Funky tunes layered with classy harmonies create such a joyful feeling of life to each track and ties each one together in great cohesion. This album pulls out every groovy tune, and is perfect for sunny spring days, filling them with even more vibrance!


4. 'Beatopia' by beabadoobee (2022)

For a more nostalgic perspective, Beatopia by beabadoobee highlights such happiness and peace, perfect for the beauty of the spring season. The smooth and dreamlike vocals by British singer-songwriter Beabadoobee (or Bea Kristi) fill each note with joyfulness and transport the listener into the world that is Beatopia, full of sweetness that echoes the sweet feeling of warmth brought by the springtime. Throughout the record, the listener explores the brightness of this record, inspired by Kristi’s childhood dreamworld, and explores the nostalgia of her memories from childhood. The brightness of each song builds such a cheerful album, full of beabadoobee’s playfulness and bring a ray of sunshine in the shape of music to the listener perfect for a sunny day.


5. 'we just need some time together' by BETWEEN FRIENDS (2018)

Although just an EP made of just five tracks, ‘we just need some time together’ is a unique and vibrant pop record full of bright dance dynamics and dream-pop elements. Written and produced by BETWEEN FRIENDS, a sibling duo based in California, USA, this album has a very DIY feel to it, which adds to the experimental style of this EP. The dreamy nature of each song seamlessly links into the next, creating a cohesive collection of tracks that suck the listener into the catchy rhythms, perfect for the spring joy and fun.


There we have it! Five records perfect for the spring season that I love listening to at this time of year. Each piece has such a unique style and sound, but all link back to the cheerfulness of the springtime of life and brightness. So, what are you waiting for? Go have a listen and find your favourites!