Here are some facts about me. I’m white. I’m English. I’ve attended a boarding school for the past four years. I am also an only child.

Throughout these four years, I have interacted with and made friends with people who I would’ve never known about if I hadn't come here. I grew up in a mainly white neighbourhood. At my primary school, there were two black people, and a few Chinese transfers but that was it. and Coming to a school such as Christ’s Hospital where there is such a wide racial and ethnic variety, is amazing to see. I didn't know what jollof rice was. I didn’t know of the competition of sorts between Ghana and Nigeria. I don't think I knew Ghana was a country to be quite honest with you. But I've learnt a lot over these years.

 I've learnt how to pronounce Oluwasemilore.  I've learnt the difference between knotless and box braids. I've learnt what puff puff is, and through the African Caribbean society at my school, I’ve tried some.

The people in my boarding house have helped me achieve this. The nights where we stayed up until 1 o’clock because a friend wanted to take out her hair. The mornings where they were frantically doing their edges in the mirror before breakfast. The dinners where they refused to eat the chicken because it was unseasoned. I cannot relate to many of their experiences. But I can learn.

Because of them, I now pronounce SZA as ‘Scissa’ and not ‘Es-Zee-Ay’. I have danced many times to Azonto. I've started listening to Burna Boy and Yung Filly. They have widened my experiences and my knowledge of the world and I’m so glad that I met them that day 4 years ago.