Five candidates are standing in a by-election in Queen’s Park for a seat on Brighton and Hove City Council on Thursday 2 May.

The seat became vacant when Chandni Mistry resigned. She was elected for Labour last May but expelled from the party in December. She then sat as an independent but resigned in March.

The five candidates are Sunny Choudhury (Conservative), Milla Gauge (Labour), Dominique Hall (Liberal Democrat), Adrian Hart (Brighton and Hove Independent) and Luke Walker (Green).

Each candidate received questions about local issues submitted by the public and was asked why they wanted to represent the ward.

Below are the responses from Sunny Choudhury, 63, who is semi-retired and serves as president of the Brighton District Bangladeshi Shomity.

Do you live in the ward and why do you want to represent Queen’s Park?

Yes, I lived in the ward for over 30 years. To be a voice of our vulnerable, underprivileged and minority communities.

How were you selected to stand for election?

I have been a member the party for some time now and went through the party by-election selection process. This was after lots of encouragement to do so within the community

What are your views on St Luke’s school appealing against the council’s decision to reduce admissions by a whole class of 30 four-year-olds?

I understand the council has financial difficulties. However, my personal view is we should not deprive our future generation of their education. I will do everything possible to support St Luke’s.

Freshfield Road constantly has cars speeding along it. What will you do to bring speed cameras and crossing places?

I will closely work with the Sussex Police road safety unit, also the council health and safety (highways) strongly argued for. I’m hopeful that with determined campaigning we will succeed.

How would you tackle the weeds on the streets without reintroducing glyphosate spraying?

As I am not an expert, I will seek expert advice from environmental health. I will then urge that the council act on this expert advice and will suggest alternative methods which will be environmentally friendly and not harmful to the habitation.

Polling stations in Queen’s Park are due to open at 7am on Thursday 2 May and close at 10pm. Photo ID is required for those voting in person.