A takeaway will now stay open until midnight and deliver food until 2am.

Popeyes, in Brighton's North Street, has been granted a late-night refreshment licence by Brighton and Hove City Council.

The council’s licensing policies generally require new takeaways to close by 11pm in the busier parts of Brighton and Hove.

At the hearing, Mark Browning, who represented Popeyes, said that the restaurant would offer deliveries only from midnight, with riders collecting orders from the back of the premises in Windsor Street.

The barrister said that the business, operated by Plk Chicken UK Limited, had robust policies in place with its delivery partners to ensure neighbours were not disturbed by riders.

The business is run by three directors – Thomas Crowley, 50, Neil Williamson, 45, and Andrew Taylor, 41.

Mr Browning said that no deliveries would be made to people who were out on the street or in parks or playing fields.

The council’s decision letter said: “As the sale of alcohol is not part of this application, the risk of late-night drinkers congregating outside is diminished.

“Further, in our view the existence of a delivery service is more likely to draw customers away from the town centre, rather than into it."

A spokesperson for Popeyes said: “We’re delighted with the outcome and thank the council for working with businesses.”