People are being encouraged not to mow their lawns this month.

Hastings Borough Council is among those supporting the nationwide initiative "No Mow May" to help the environment.

Leaving the lawn to grow helps wildlife and reduces pollution.

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A council spokesman said: " It’s No Mow May, a month where we leave our lawns to grow.

"A healthy lawn with some long grass and wildflowers benefits wildlife and helps tackle pollution, locking away carbon below ground.

"Don’t miss out on your chance to do nothing and so much at the same time. Join the nation this May and come together for the wildlife we love."

More information can be found at

The council said it is reducing cutting schedules in quieter areas this month to let wildflowers grow.

The spokesman said: "These areas are cut later in the year when flower heads have gone to seed.

"We still need to continue mowing busier areas of our green spaces where there is a risk of litter and dog mess collecting and affecting visitors."

Other councils across the county are also encouraging residents to take part including Arun District Council.