An arms factory will have to find a new site at the end of its current lease, its landlords have confirmed.

L3Harris’s factory in Home Farm Business Park, Brighton, will shut its doors when its current deal ends in three years’ time as landlords Paxton say they want to take over the site.

It comes after protests from pro-Palestinian groups calling for the site to be shut down over the sale of parts made there for fighter jets used by the Israeli Defence Force.

In a statement, a spokesman for Paxton said: “Palestinian solidarity protesters have called on us to take action as the landlords of the building that L3Harris are operating from.

“We had already reached out to the protester groups involved to have a conversation with them this week. We feel it is important to share our position with those concerned about the association.

“For clarity, there was a pre-existing long-term lease agreement in place with L3Harris when we purchased the property.

The Argus: Protesters at the factory on ThursdayProtesters at the factory on Thursday (Image: Maya Jagger)

“This agreement is legally binding and not something we can change.

“At the time we purchased, we made it clear to L3Harris that we will not be renewing the agreement when it expires and intend to move into the building for our own needs as soon as possible.

“We appreciate the right to peaceful protest and welcome the opportunity for an open discussion with the groups involved.”

Paxton said L3Harris's lease on the Home Farm Business Park site ends in 2027. It confirmed it did not plan to renew this lease and would be taking the building over for its own operation.

Protesters locked themselves onto fences outside the L3Harris site yesterday in the latest in a series of protests against the arms factory.

Pro-Palestinian groups have called for the weapons manufacturer to cease its operation in Brighton over the sale of bomb racks used in F-35 fighter jets.

The F-35 fighter jets are sold to the Israeli Defence Force and have been used in the conflict against Hamas in Gaza.

Hundreds of objections were raised to a planning application by L3Harris to permanently keep a temporary expansion of their site.