Readers will have noticed that, when you are looking at our journalism online, you are being given the opportunity to subscribe to our website.

We realise that, as you may be able to access web content for free elsewhere, this may come as a shock to some but we very much hope you will consider doing so to help The Argus continue to provide the dedicated local journalism we have been providing to Sussex since 1880.

When something has always been there, it is easy to take it for granted. But we have all got used to subscribing to television content and we hope, in time, the same will be the case with local news.

If it isn't, it's quite simple. We won't be able to do it any more and that would be a great shame.

Every week, our journalists are out there, holding power to account, fixing injustices within our community, shining a light on the things that many would rather remain hidden and encouraging their sources and contacts to tell us the things we need and want to know.

Our sports coverage of Albion is brilliant too. Reporter Brian Owen works all hours and understands better than anyone what our club means to us and what we want to know. 

But none of this stuff is really free.

The adverts have helped pay for it but the more adverts we have on our sites, the more difficult it is to read an article uninterrupted.

No one would dream of walking into a shop and taking a newspaper without paying (we hope).

We always try to keep our digital subscription cheap and have frequent sales on.

And if you subscribe, you get far more content than ever before.

In addition to unlimited access to articles and fewer ads, subscribers can also enjoy monthly savings on big brands through the reader rewards scheme, as well as puzzles that you can play online. 

Access to the ad-free app is also included with a digital subscription, available on mobile and tablet from the Apple App Store and Google Play.  

App users can browse all news stories, read the digital edition, and play puzzles without any ad interruptions.

We hope you will support us.

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