Stunning pictures from one of the country's oldest camera clubs are on display on the seafront.

Some 36 prints from 36 photographers are mounted on pillars near the West Pier in Brighton as part of a free exhibition.

The Argus: Malachite KingfisherMalachite Kingfisher (Image: Al Punja)

From wildlife to abstract images, the display reflects a range of interests and talents from members of the Brighton and Hove Camera Club.

Club president Maggi Tillotson said: "We had a very difficult job to select these images from the 150 that were submitted by 47 of our members.

"The standard was very high across the board, both in terms of the creativity and imagination of the subject matter and the professionalism of the technical finish. This exhibition reflects the passion and excitement that members feel about their hobby."

The Argus: Ceyda Tanc DanceCeyda Tanc Dance (Image: David Gerrard)

The pictures will remain on the seafront west of the i360 for four weeks, free for all to see at any time.

Brighton and Hove Camera Club was founded in 1891 and now has a membership of more than 100 people, who regularly meet for professional talks, photo critique nights and technique sessions.

It is gearing up for a busy summer with photo walks and more social events on the bill as the weather improves.