Potholes on a road where a driver died have been filled in as investigations continue into whether they contributed to his death.

Sussex Police are investigating whether the man swerved to avoid a hole on the A272 near Petworth shortly before he died in a four-car crash.

The holes were filled in within days of the incident on April 29.

The 74-year-old driver of a Porsche GT2 died in the smash which involved a white BMW and two other cars.

He was pronounced dead at the scene despite desperate efforts by members of the public and paramedics.

Social media users said potholes in the area had got “much, much worse” and they feared they "could do serious damage to your car”.

A spokesman for West Sussex County Council, which manages the road, said: “We are aware of a four-vehicle collision on the A272 Horsham Road in Petworth on Monday, April 29, in which a man has sadly died and another driver suffered injuries.

“First and foremost our thoughts are with the families and friends of those involved.

"The police are carrying out a collision investigation and we await their findings.

"It would not be appropriate to comment any further at this time.”

A source close to the police investigation said: "It's possible one of the cars swerved to avoid the pothole.

"It's something we are looking at."

Police are appealing for witnesses to come forward.

A 65-year-old man from Midhurst in the BMW sustained serious injuries and was taken to St Richard's Hospital in Chichester where he is stable.

The collision happened near Fox Hill at about 7.50am on Monday, April 29.

People living near the scene said the stretch of road is notorious for speeding.

One said: "Everybody speeds down this hill. After winding through all the lanes, it's frustration. Once they see the long straight, they think this is my chance to overtake."