A parliamentary candidate for Brighton Pavilion has been accused of cronyism after stepping down from the London Assembly just three days after being re-elected.

The Green Party's Siân Berry has been a member of the London Assembly since 2016 and was re-elected on Friday but announced she was quitting today. 

After announcing the news on X, formerly known as Twitter, Ms Berry was criticised for her decision. 

Political commentator Alex Armstrong said: "What a shame. Cronyism at its finest."

In London, the electorate vote for party lists rather than the candidate. Ms Berry will be replaced by the Greens' Zoe Garbett, who would otherwise not have been in the Assembly.

Matthew Torbitt said: "This is wrong. You can't just 'step aside' because your candidate didn't win and you're standing elsewhere. A majority didn't vote for this...

"I just think if they wanted Zoe in put her first on the list, the idea you can't be a***d after three days is just surreal and shows arrogance."

Announcing the news, Ms Berry said: "It has been a huge honour to do the job I have done in London for eight years. The country has faced enormous turmoil and challenges since then, and pushing a Labour mayor to be bolder and more ambitious constantly informs my work for better public services, campaigning for young people and secure housing in Brighton.

“My work holding a Labour mayor to account means I have the experience needed to do the same with a new Prime Minister. I am looking forward to spending even more time in Brighton and listening to what matters to people here. After stellar results for Greens across the country last week, it’s clear that a general election is needed right now.”

Under the way the proportional system works, Ms Garbett, who previously worked in the NHS, immediately joins colleagues Zack Polanski and Caroline Russell for the new assembly term.

Ms Berry said: "Zoe has shown how much of a difference she will make in City Hall, listening to Londoners and bringing their voices into the political debate. That’s why she needs to be in this job as soon as possible. She is already brilliant councillor and will be a brilliant Assembly Member for Londoners.” 

Following the announcement, Ms Garbett said:  “I am excited to join the Assembly and get to work for Londoners. There is so much to do improve the quality of our lives in London, stand up for people on the margins and hold the mayor to account.”