Residents are concerned over recent shop closures in their community.

People living in Southwick have said the area is at risk of becoming a "ghost town" after various shops have closed in Southwick Square.

Among the most recent are the Dogs Trust charity shop, the Chinese supermarket and a florist.

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With three closures confirmed already this year, residents have taken to social media to express their concerns.

One resident Sharon Ashton said: "Such sad news and as everyone says another shop in the square is closing.

"We don’t want a ghost town, we are a caring community and want to thrive."

Sally Furlong said: "Not much to pop to the square for now."

Other people also agreed that the square has changed as a result of the closures.

Christine Ann Roberts said: "Not another empty shop. What is happening to our square?"

Keith Butler also joked that the town needed "some tumbleweeds".

Despite these closures, it was announced last week that The Flour Pot cafe might be opening a branch in the shopping square at the site of the former Barclays bank.

Although some people have criticised the plans based on the fact there are already three cafes in the square, many residents have shown support for the plans. 

Rob Kent said: "Great idea, will bring a little more life to the square and much better than having a decaying empty building there."

Mark Cobb said: "Great news. This will create jobs and encourage new people to the square who may not currently shop there.

"It doesn’t matter if another shop in the square is similar. Competition in business is good and keeps quality high.

"More customer flow in the square can only be good for everyone, especially the traders who should look at this as an opportunity to innovate and grow their businesses."

Another resident Wendy Lacey said: "Well I reckon it's brilliant.

"Nothing worse than empty shop premises. It'll lift the square. 

"It brings people out together and it's not something you can buy online."

It is not yet confirmed what will replace the other closed business units in the square.