A "sweet and friendly" dog suffering from a rare hormone disease is seeking her forever home.

Ayda, a Poodle Cross, is currently under the care of the RSPCA Sussex North and Brighton branch after being transferred from another centre last month.

She suffers from hypoadrenocorticism, also known as Addison's disease, which means the adrenal glands do not produce enough hormones.

The rescue centre has said this cannot be passed from dogs to humans.

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Despite needing regular medication, Ayda is "full of life" and ready to find her forever home.

The Argus: She is described as 'full of life'

RSPCA Brighton manager Jenny Eden : "Ayda is around three to four-years-old and is a sweet, friendly dog.

“She’s a lively dog who loves to run around and play; she’s full of life, she’s always making us smile as she bounds and bounces around.

"Her favourite thing to do is play with a ball, and she’s very intelligent so she loves learning new tricks and games.

“Any potential adopters need to be aware that she suffers from Addison’s disease and that this is a lifelong condition which needs regular medication. We’re happy to discuss her treatment plan with anyone interested in adopting her.”

Ayda will also need further training as she has lived a "sheltered life" and has "limited life experiences".

The rescue centre said she can be worried in new situations as she missed out on "early socialisation with other dogs".

The Argus: She is a poodle cross

More information about Ayda can be found at https://rspca-brighton.org.uk/project/ayda/.

Jenny said: "Ayda has really started to come out of her shell at the shelter and she is already building some strong bonds with our staff and volunteers. She’s loving, friendly and loves a fuss. 

“She’s also made friends with some of our calm, quiet dogs and enjoys spending time with them so we’re sure she’ll make other doggy pals once she’s settled in her new home, and she’ll likely grow in confidence when meeting other pets.

"We’ve only had Ayda with us for a short amount of time so we’re still getting to know her and learn more about her. But we do already know that she’s a sweet dog who will make a wonderful pet for the right family.”