You might have seen them around in your local corner store, online or in an adult store; poppers. They are also referred to as room aromas as that is the purpose of these products. The most recognisable bottle you will have seen is probably liquid gold poppers with its golden sleeve and black letters but what are they all about?

A bit of background

Many years ago, all the way back to 1884, the original formula was created by a French chemist called Antione-Jerome Balard. After some changes to the formula, in around 1970, it came in the form we now call poppers. The product is widely used by adult men and women but historically it came to the forefront via the gay scene but soon made its way to the mainstream market, which is why you can often find it in your local corner shop. The legality of the product has its own history, but I won’t bore you with all the details. The main thing to take away is that the formula has undergone various changes to ensure its availability.

What do Poppers do?

We often get the questions, what are poppers and what do they do? Well, the main element is that it increases the blood flow to various parts of the body, providing just the feeling people buy the product for. It is often associated with adult play and fun times. Famously even British politician Crispin Blunt mentioned using the product. Poppers are mostly available in 10ml and 25ml round or square bottles. As there are various manufacturers you might experience a slight difference in the composition of the contents, but they all have a similar effect.

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Most popular and well-known brands

When you look online you will find a huge number of different brands to choose from. In-store options are often more limited but over the decades there have been a few brands that have proved themselves as most popular. As we already mentioned Liquid Gold we are leaving that one out for this top 3.

  1. Berlin XXX Hardcore. This brand is relatively new in the popper world. Berlin XXX entered the market over a decade ago and has become a firm favourite. It is perceived as strong and has added to many hours of fun for the many people who have bought it.
  2. Power Rush. This bright red bottle evolved from the original yellow Rush bottle. Power Rush has a power pellet in the bottle which is promoted to reinvigorate the formula. Give it a shake before usage and the manufacturers claim this keeps the contents potent.
  3. Jungle Juice poppers is one of the oldest brands around with a huge following. The original bottle has a bright yellow sleeve. Over the years there have been many varieties of Jungle Juice but according to our customers, the original remains their favourite.

Handy to know

Storage: The poppers formula evaporates when left in high temperatures so we would recommend that you store them in a cold dark place.

Multi-Buys: For those that are after some extra value you will find that most businesses that are selling room aromas offer multi-packs, bringing down the price per bottle.

Price Guide: You should be able to pick up a small 10ml bottle for around £5 going up to £7.99. The bigger 25ml bottles are often available between £6.50 - £12.99. The price difference is often due to the manufacturer and in which country they were made.

Trial and error: With so much to choose from you might find some will do the business for you and others won’t. There is no real guideline to this. You will have to try the ones you like the look of as a starting point and go from there. If you are a first-time buyer, it would make sense to get some of the best sellers mentioned in this article. They are popular for a reason! 

Where to buy: As these products are associated with adult fun you will find them in most adult-orientated stores. As mentioned before, you can often get them in most corner stores. You will find the biggest and most varied collection of poppers online. Stores like ours offer a huge range at great prices delivered directly to your door. Here you can also find a collection of multi and mixed packs.

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