There have been mixed reactions to news that the Palace Pier is to introduce an entrance fee.

While some visitors said they had no issues with paying to go on the Brighton landmark, others feared it could become a deterrent if it becomes more expensive.

Non-residents will pay £1 to enter the pier during peak trading periods in the summer beginning on May 25, on weekends during June and the full months of July and August.

Daytripper Charmian Andrews, 78, visiting from Surrey, said she was happy to pay the entry fee, adding: “We could live with it because it’s just a pound. We usually walk on the pier; we don’t go on the rides. This new fee will not affect how often we visit the pier.”

Lisa Di Maggio, 26, on holiday in Brighton from Marseille in France, said: “I don’t mind this new rule because everywhere in the world they are making us pay for things because there are too many tourists.

“This is my first time here. If I were with friends, this new rule would probably affect their decision to visit the pier because they don’t like to pay for things!

“I understand why they are doing it because this is a tourist city. I like that residents don’t have to pay. I wouldn’t mind if they did this in my city in France because it is a seaside city.”

The Argus: Most of the pier's visitors welcomed the new fee.Most of the pier's visitors welcomed the new fee. (Image: The Argus)

Brighton resident Jarek Milczarski, 44, said: “On one hand the new rule will bring money into the pier and they will be able to maintain it better.

“But on the other hand, everything is expensive at the moment so it’s not the best time to add to people’s costs.

“I can apply for a residents' card, which is good, but sometimes you are walking past and decide to go in randomly. Now that there is a fee you might think twice about going in.”

The Argus: Nearby residents will be admitted into the pier for free.Nearby residents will be admitted into the pier for free. (Image: The Argus)

Londoner Chris Clark, 57, who was in Brighton for the day, thought the entry fee was a good idea to help maintain the pier’s standards.

He said: “It’s only a pound, but if it were £5 or £10, that would be too much. That’s money people have to find in this day and age.

“Overall, it’s a reasonable price to pay for a nice pier.”

The Argus: Brighton Palace Pier welcomes many visitors, particularly during the spring and summer season.Brighton Palace Pier welcomes many visitors, particularly during the spring and summer season. (Image: The Argus)

But visitor Ian Rashton, 75, from Surrey, said: “I don’t like this rule, it's an extra expense but I don’t know how much the pier needs to survive. If the price went up to something like £5, we probably wouldn’t bother. We would go to the pub and have a beer instead.”

Paul Cook, 59, who was visiting the city from Cheltenham, said: “I think it’s good that residents and kids under two don’t have to pay. If there will be someone in a booth collecting the fee, you are creating a job as well.

“We want to help maintain the pier, we don’t want it to look like the old West Pier.”

The Argus: Visitors are pleased that the entry fee will help maintain the popular landmark.Visitors are pleased that the entry fee will help maintain the popular landmark. (Image: The Argus)

People have also taken to social media to express their views on the fee.

Adam Jaye said Facebook: “Don’t think people realise just how dilapidated the pier has become. The place is rotten and it literally relies on the public to fund a constant workforce just to keep the building aloft.

“The small businesses would otherwise be charged more rents and fees, so I actually see this as a fair compromise.”

Lynda Hyde said on Facebook: “Massive maintenance costs required to support this iconic pier. Let them charge a modest entrance fee to ensure the future of the pier.”

But Julie Hussey said: “It may only be £1 this year but it will soon rise just like everything else… they get greedy and sooner or later it’ll be a fiver to get on the pier.”

Sarah Matheson also commented on Facebook: “Wow how to kill our tourist industry for this town. Why has this been allowed? People have to pay a fortune to park in this town then once they have parked they get ripped off at the pier.”

To apply for a residents' card, those who live in a BN postcode area should visit the Palace Pier website.