A police officer left a mother feeling "very violated" after he “manhandled” and “wrongly arrested” her for bus fare evasion in front of her young son, a court has heard.

Met Police PC Perry Lathwood, 50, allegedly assaulted Jocelyn Agyemang causing bruising injuries to her arm as he arrested her in July last year.

Lathwood, of Norman's Bay near Bexhill, was also filmed handcuffing Ms Agyemang, with the mum saying she felt degraded by the incident.

A court heard police officers were helping ticket inspectors on a bus in Croydon at the time.

Paul Jarvis, prosecuting, said Ms Agyemang was dropping her son off at her mother’s house before heading to an appointment scheduled for 12.30pm.

After she and her son disembarked the bus at around 11am, she was asked to show she had paid her fare by a bus inspector.

After walking away from the scene, Lathwood is said to have grabbed her arm and arrested her for fare evasion.

In footage played to the court, Ms Agyemang can he beard asking the officer: “Can you get off me, please? Can you get off my arm?

“You don’t understand, I have done nothing wrong.”

Giving evidence in court, Ms Agyemang said she felt "very violated" by the incident.

She added: “I just felt like they did not care. I just felt a bit degraded because I had not done anything wrong.”

“At the time I was just thinking about getting to my mother’s house. I honestly don't see it as resisting.

“With things I have experienced in my past, when someone is holding me, especially when I feel like I have done nothing wrong, it is very scary for me.”

Mr Jarvis said Lathwood continued to hold her, demanding she tap her card. He also handcuffed her.

Another officer took her Oyster card from her hand and went away with it to see if she had paid.

It was confirmed that Ms Agyemang had paid her fare, and she was de-arrested at the scene.

Mr Jarvis argued that Lathwood did not have the legitimate justification to use the level of force he did while arresting Ms Agyemang.

Lathwood denies one charge of assault by beating, and the trial continues.