A fox was rescued in the early hours of Monday morning after suffering a "severe infection".

East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS) was called to a garden in Hastings shortly before 1am when the animal was found and not moving.

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It was given first aid and taken to the rescue centre in Whitesmith, near Lewes.

The centre rely entirely on donations which can be made at https://wildlifeambulance.org/.

A spokesman for WRAS said: "Almost 1am and this fox has tonight been rescued not moving in a garden.

"First aid has been given and she will be assessed fully by the vet in the morning.

"As the only rescue centre in East Sussex currently attending emergency calls 24 hours a day, we do have limited resources out of hours.

"This means we have to prioritise those which we can't expect a member of public to safely handle, to keep safe or get to an emergency vets themselves.

"Please consider making a donation however small, to enable us to continue helping the hundreds of casualties we are seeing during the day as well as help us to continue attending those in need for help out of hours."