Plans for a new 5G mast have been met with dozens of objections.

Icon Tower Infrastructure Ltd has submitted proposals to Mid Sussex District Council to install a new 25-metre high lattice tower on land at Clearwaters Farm in Clearwaters Lane, Haywards Heath.

The tower would have up to 12 antennas, four dishes and up to six ground-based cabinets, along with additional equipment and fencing.

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In the plans, Icon Tower Infrastructure Ltd said the new installation would offer enhanced coverage to people in the community as it would have the ability to be shared by multiple mobile network operators.

The company also said that the tower, which would be suitable for 5G technology, would not pose any health risks.

A spokesman for Perry Williams Ltd, acting on behalf of Icon Tower Infrastructure Ltd, said the tower would be "an overall improvement to the visual amenity of the area" by condensing the potential number of telecommunications sites to one single shared installation.

They argued that by having one shared tower, there would be less reason for mobile network operators to install their own individual towers and equipment bases, making this proposal the "optimum solution."

The Argus:

Since the plans were submitted, a number of people living in the area have come forward with objections.

One resident said: "The proposed installation of the mast and cabinets will significantly mar the natural beauty of this cherished area in Sussex.

"The visual impact of such structures like these monopoles is deeply concerning, and their presence is unnecessary.

"This development would be a true eyesore.

"Must we sacrifice yet another untouched region of Sussex to technological encroachment? Our landscapes deserve preservation."

Another person living close to the proposed site said: "I object to such a monstrously tall ugly mast and its associated ground cabinets that will create visual and physical obtrusive clutter, continuous noise from the cabinets, dominate and degrade the aesthetics of the local beautiful countryside area.

"The large size and utilitarian appearance of the proposed equipment would appear to be out of scale and overly prominent within its immediate setting and from some short and medium distance."

Another person who objects to the plans said: "I object to this monopole 5G tower. 25 metres high with various dishes and so on is a huge ugly eyesore in beautiful countryside. 

"I worry about the health risks of these new technologies - 5G is still a largely unknown entity but I fear for people with pacemakers etc and also for bird life in these sorts of areas.

"It is a new powerful micro/radio wave and we need more research before peppering our countryside with them."

Another resident said: "These telecommunication towers are a blight on our beautiful countryside. The tower will not only be a complete eyesore but by erecting it, it will also disturb the local habitat."

A final decision on whether to approve the plans is set to be made by the council by June 3.