The colours of spring were in full bloom when an Argus Camera Club snapper visited an historic site.

Arundel is home to award-winning gardens rich with vibrant flowers and plants at the base of the towering Arundel Castle.

The 11th century castle and 19th century cathedral provide a picturesque backdrop to the tranquil gardens, as demonstrated by Joanna Kaczorowska.

The Argus: Arundel Cathedral nestled behind treesArundel Cathedral nestled behind trees (Image: Joanna Kaczorowska)

On a stroll around the gardens at the weekend, Joanna captured the many species of flowers in the glorious sunshine.

One picture captured the amethyst pom-pom headed alliums that are growing in the gardens in their thousands, while others displayed a crowd of daisies and bright blue miniature flowers.

The Argus: Pom-pom headed alliums in front of Arundel CathedralPom-pom headed alliums in front of Arundel Cathedral (Image: Joanna Kaczorowska)

Joanna also captured the secluded feel of the gardens as she ambled down a path towards the castle, which can be seen nestled between a canopy of trees.

The garden was opened in 2008 as a memorial to the 14th Earl of Arundel. Inside, visitors will find a central canal and domed pergola.

It is the perfect place to wander and relish the joys of spring for both nature and history lovers.