A main road in Sussex is one of the most congested in England.

The A27 westbound between the B2144 and the A259 near Chichester is one of the roads where drivers spend the most time in traffic in the country.

Data from the Department for Transport shows the A roads in England where drivers faced the longest delays last year.

The statistics show that on that section of the A27, motorists are delayed by an average of more than four and a half minutes for every mile they travel.

It makes the road the 12th most delayed in the country.

Also in the top 20 was the A2010 in Brighton, which includes West Street, Queen’s Road and Buckingham Place.

It came 16th on the list and is the slowest road in Brighton as motorists on the road were held up an average of 257.6 seconds, or more than four minutes, for every mile they travelled on the road in 2023.

The data was analysed by Cromwell Trucks, a used truck sales website, and Online Marketing Surgery, an internet marketing service, who compiled the list of the 20 roads where drivers face the most delays.

A spokeswoman for the companies said: “When driving, being stuck in some kind of traffic is almost a definite nowadays with the rise in number of drivers as well as the increase in road closures and road works.

“This can turn your thirty-minute journey into a long-haul drive.

The full list of the top 20 roads, with the average delay in seconds per mile

  1. A5204 in Westminster, 471 seconds per mile
  2. A49 northbound between B4368 near Craven Arms (north) and A489 in Shropshire, 340.8 seconds per mile
  3. A3217 in Kensington and Chelsea, 336.6 seconds per mile
  4. A103 in Haringey, 335.8 seconds per mile
  5. A4200 in Camden, 308 seconds per mile
  6. A4201 in Westminster, 299.3 seconds per mile
  7. A200 in Greenwich, 294.8 seconds per mile
  8. A302 in Westminster, 294.7 seconds per mile
  9. A627(M) northbound between M62 and A664 near Rochdale in Rochdale, 286.8 seconds per mile
  10. A308 in Kensington and Chelsea, 281.4 seconds per mile
  11. A401 in Islington, 279.5 seconds per mile
  12. A27 westbound between B2144 and A259 near Chichester (east) in West Sussex, 275.2 seconds per mile
  13. A19 southbound between A1 and A1068 in North Tyneside, 274.7 seconds per mile
  14. A2198 in Southwark, 267.2 seconds per mile
  15. A400 in Camden, 264.2 seconds per mile
  16. A49 southbound between A489 and B4368 near Craven Arms (north) in Shropshire, 261.6 seconds per mile
  17. A4 in Westminster, 260 seconds per mile
  18. A2010 in Brighton and Hove, 257.6 seconds per mile
  19. A308 in Hammersmith and Fulham, 249.9 seconds per mile
  20. A3220 in Wandsworth, 245.3 seconds per mile