The number of burglaries in Sussex has risen faster than anywhere else in the UK.

The latest police data shows that reports of burglaries in the county have risen by 18 per cent with some areas seeing a 60 per cent rise.

The figures come as multiple regions in the area have seen over 500 burglaries in the past year.

In Brighton, nearly three burglaries were reported every day between April 2022 and April 2023.

More than 1,000 burglaries took place in the city in the space of a year - almost double anywhere else in Sussex.

Crawley, Chichester and Arun District also saw a high number of burglaries and had some of the highest rates of burglaries per person in the country.

In Crawley, the rate of burglaries rose by 58 per cent, according to the data commissioned by Churchill Support Services.


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In Lewes, where 238 burglaries were reported in 2022-2023, figures rose by over 60 per cent.

Sussex saw the highest rise in crime compared to any other county in the UK.

The county was rated as having the 30th highest rate of burglaries in the country.