People are not impressed after a beach was ranked one of the most disappointing in the UK.

West Wittering in West Sussex featured in Preply's list of the top ten most disappointing beaches in the country, along with Brighton and Camber Sands.

This was after the most popular and famous beaches in the UK were analysed based on the number of one, two and three-star reviews they received on Tripadvisor.

West Wittering got the sixth place on the list with 20 per cent of the reviews being "disappointing".

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However, the people who live in the area as well as visitors have taken to Facebook to defend the sandy stretch of coastline.

Sam Halson said: "I don't understand. I love West Wittering beach. Best beach around."

Barney Barnardo added: "It's been our favourite beach for over 50 years."

Another frequent visitor Kerry Wilde said: "Bloody nonsense.

"The place is stunning and thankfully free of all the souvenir crap and rides more commercialised beaches have."

Some people also said that they had been visiting the beach since the 70s.

Teresa Shearing said: "My favourite beach in the world, been coming since 1974 and will soon be there again."

Paula Flower said: "I have been coming here since the 70s. My kids love the beach and my grandchildren too. In fact love it so much we now have a static caravan here."

One person, despite defending the beach, noted how it could be "disappointing" to some people.

Barbara Green said: "Maybe because it’s so exposed and often windy.

"The tide goes out a long way, families find it hard to keep an eye on their children. Limited facilities, pricey parking.

"What suits one person disappoints another. Personally I love it."

Some people were also happy for the beach to have this ranking in the hope that it drives away some visitors over the summer months.

Patrick Byrne said: "Probably good news, it is not as if we are short of visitors. Increasing prices may have something to do with it?"

Nikki Kuntze said: "Good, we can keep it to ourselves."