A man has chained himself to an unactivated digital bus sign and has vowed to remain there until it's switched on “or he'll die there".

Peter Stairs, 79, has been left frustrated by the sign on New Church Road in Hove.

He said the bus stop was installed ten months ago, but has never been activated.

This morning, the Hove resident “snapped” and chained himself to the pole in protest.

He then unchained himself to get a comfortable chair from home, then resumed the sit-in.

Mr Stairs, who served in the Royal Navy for 23 years and spent four years in the Arctic, has vowed to stay there until the issue is resolved.

The Argus: Peter Stairs, 79, has chained himself to a bus stop in protest Peter Stairs, 79, has chained himself to a bus stop in protest (Image: Kerri Rustell)

He said: “They also tore down my bus shelter. I should not have to be here doing this, I am almost 80 years old.

"I have been going to the council for ten months now and this morning I snapped.

"It is a complete and utter waste of money. I pay my council tax for these things.

"I am staying here until this is connected or until I die.”

Mr Stairs has also been talking to other people about his cause to raise awareness and has been supported by the community.

He said: “I had a lot of sympathy from people passing by. People were very kind and brought me some fruit.”

Mr Stairs has been so affected by this issue due to his keen reliance on bus transport, and has not owned a car for 20 years.

He said: “I entirely rely on the buses. I do my bit for the planet as I am very concerned with environmental issues.”

Mr Stairs added that he typically used the number 1, 1A and number 6 buses. 

Sussex Police were made aware of the protest and spoke to Mr Stairs, but did not intervene. 

A council spokesman said: “We completely understand Mr Stairs’ frustration and apologise for any inconvenience caused to him and other passengers but would like to reassure Mr Stairs he does not need to stay chained to the bus stop. 

“We are looking into why this digital display has not yet been activated and how quickly this can be resolved.”

Brighton and Hove Buses said it won't comment as the bus sign is council-owned property.