Dramatic drone images show sections of cliff crashing onto the beach below.

Rocks fell just metres from people's homes at Newhaven Heights Park in Court Farm Road, Newhaven, on Sunday morning.

More rock could be seen hanging precariously from the edge of the cliff, yards away from a public footpath. 

The Argus: A section off cliff fell just metres from a footpathA section off cliff fell just metres from a footpath (Image: Sussex News and Pictures)

It comes after similar "significant" collapses on cliffs in East Sussex earlier this year.

Councils continue to urge people to to stay away from cliff edges and have issued a warning to walkers and tourists alike. 

The Argus: The cliffs are beautiful but can be dangerousThe cliffs are beautiful but can be dangerous (Image: Sussex News and Pictures)

A spokesman for Eastbourne Borough Council said: "Cliff erosion is a natural process and part of the evolution of the coastline and as well as the risk to those walking on top of cliffs, it can also present dangers to those on the beach below.

"Sadly, we continue to see people getting perilously close to the edge of the cliffs to take a selfie, or walking along the base of the cliffs without appreciating the danger they are putting themselves in.

"The cliffs contain many overhangs and cracks that visitors may not be able to see and the unstable chalk can fall at any time with absolutely no warning.

"We want to encourage people to continue to visit the area safely."