Pregnant stingrays have been captured on camera off the coast.

Volunteer Sussex Underwater diver, Paul Boniface, discovered the pregnant rays exploring Sussex’s waters, capturing a beautiful video of the creatures.

Paul said: “Some of the rays we’ve seen are huge, well over 2 metres long with their bodies the size of a car bonnet.

“Many female rays are found here, they bear four to nine young twice per year. I would speculate that they come to this location to give birth as many of them appear to have swollen bellies.

“The shallow protected water here coupled with the brilliant biodiversity is a perfect nursery for juvenile rays.”

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Credit: Paul Boniface @ Sussex Underwater

The rays were spotted in the waters of new conservation site Sussex Bay, 100 miles of protected coastline. The scheme was initiated by Adur and Worthing Councils to protect Sussex’s waters and will launch in June.

A spokesman from Sussex Bay said: “We're looking forward to welcoming almost 400 people who have registered for our launch on 13 June in Brighton so far.

“Sussex Bay is founded upon radical collaboration and it's wonderful to see groups like Sussex Underwater helping residents and visitors report sightings to help with analysis and research.”