An Argus Camera Club member captured a stunning sunset on a stroll along a marina.

Joanna Kaczorowska, a regular camera club photographer, visited Chichester Harbour this week as the day drew to a close.

Across the calm water, a sunset cast hues of orange, pink and red over the skyline.

Joanna’s lens shows how Chichester Marina is the perfect spot to enjoy a sunset as vivid as this one, as golden reflections bounce off the still harbour.

She also captured the plants and flowers that decorate the shoreline, portraying a small portion of the life that thrives at the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Chichester Marina is a great location for not only sunsets, but also a leisurely stroll.

The marina leads on to a pleasant canal path to Chichester, as well as the 12-mile Salterns Way trail.

The marina also has places for refreshments such as the newly refurbished Boat House Café, while Chichester Yacht Club has a bar and restaurant.