Two towns in Sussex have been called "little-known hip towns" that are worth visiting.

In a new list by The Telegraph, Worthing and St Leonards have been listed as up-and-coming alternatives to more popular places such as Brighton and Hastings, that are now often "crowded and clamorous in the sunnier seasons".

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The Telegraph noted how Worthing was once considered a place for older people, but has since transformed and is now a competitor to Brighton.

In its list, The Telegraph said: "The Sussex town once had an image problem; its name brought to mind retirees, sleepy, Seventies planning and general dullness.

"But it’s been transformed by smart restaurants and cafés, independent retail, and a small but energetic art scene. It also has grand Regency architecture and listed buildings."

The Telegraph also said that St Leonards-on-Sea is becoming a good alternative to Hastings.

It said: "Recent restoration of period properties has given the town an optimistic look, and there are two fine shopping streets – Kings Road and Norman Road – for exploring well-curated antiques retailers, concept stores and restaurants, some quirky, others reassuringly down-to-earth.

"Some are already dubbing St Leonards Dalston-on-Sea, but you can usually find a quiet spot on the beach."

Other little-known hip towns on the list include Leith, which has been considered a good alternative to visiting Edinburgh, and Lytham, a neighbouring town of Blackpool.