Plans have been made for a new indoor food market.

Feast, set up by restaurateurs Kate and Ben O’Norum, has applied to Chichester District Council for permission to open the market in North Street, Chichester.

Shear Architectural Design Ltd, on behalf of Feast, said the indoor venue would have space for up to 11 small independent businesses to trade including seven hot food stalls and bars for coffee, beer, wine, and cocktails.

If approved, the plans state there would also be a high-end boutique restaurant and a micro-winery inside the food hall, as well as seating.

Feast said the overall aim is to create a hub for high-quality independent eating, drinking and leisure.

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Although it will appeal to all ages, the restaurateurs said the new venue would appeal more to people between the ages of 20 and 40.

Recorded background music will be played daily however Feast hope to also host occasional live music for specific events such as New Year's Eve or Christmas carols.

The venue will use soundproofing materials and advanced noise control technology to avoid creating disruptive noise, the applicants said.

Shear Architectural Design said: "This is not a one-size-fits-all food market, but a unique, truly independent food market concept designed for this site in this city.

"Feast aims to be lively rather than loud, with a diverse mix of ages including families enjoying good quality food and drink in a relaxed but fun setting.

The Argus: The food market would have 11 businesses inside

"The vision driving the new market is to be a ‘modern traditional market’ that is good for the local economy, start-up businesses and small businesses.

"From nutrition to sustainability, creativity to inclusivity we believe the development will become a focal point for the city centre."

The project, if approved, is expected to create over 60 jobs and will benefit growers, producers, and suppliers in the area.

Feast said it will set high standards for traders and staff to deliver "the best market possible".

A decision on whether to approve the plans is set to be made by July 12.