Tailbacks are predicted on a major route connecting two halves of a town as its only bridge is opening twice.

Drivers will face queues in Newhaven today as its swing bridge opens to allow boats through both this morning and this afternoon.

The bridge on the A259 is the only crossing over the River Ouse in the town - with a 16-mile-long detour when it opens to let ships through.

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The ambulance and fire service have been told about the opening to make sure emergency vehicles are not caught out.

A spokesman for Newhaven Port said: "Bridge Control will open the bridge at the scheduled time and keep it open for the shortest time possible to allow safe transit."

It will open today at 11.45am and 1pm. Bridge controllers have said the opening risks "serious disruption" if the vessels are not ready to cross the bridge at the set time - and may close the bridge again to allow the A259 traffic to move.

The spokesman added: "The average time the road is closed for a swingbridge opening is ten minutes."