A map has revealed where diving bell spiders lurk in our waterways.

As the weather gets hotter, you might think about taking a dip in the sea or a lake to cool off.

But these creepy cannibal critters could turn a warm summer's day out into a painful trip out if you catch their bad side.

The diving bell spider - or water spider - is the only spider able to live underwater. 

There have been 11 recent sightings of the spider in the region - which can cause painful bites and symptoms including vomiting and fever. 

The spiders, which measure around 15mm long, survive underwater by making a web able to trap air from above the sea water.

Diving bell spiders are also known to eat their own kind - especially female partners. 

They usually eat smaller insects and crustaceans while on the sea floor. 

Sightings of the spider have been off the coast of Seaford, Hastings and inland near Lewes, Arundel and Eastbourne among other locations.