A sculpture has found a new home in a museum's gardens - with hopes it could kickstart plans to make the city an international destination for art fans.

Jonathan Wright's Constellation sculpture, which sat atop Hove Plinth on the promenade from 2018 to 2023, is now on display once again with an inauguration from the mayor.

It now stands opposite Jaipur Gate in the Hove Museum of Creativity gardens in New Church Road.

The Argus: The new plinth under constructionThe new plinth under construction (Image: Supplied)

The sculpture was initially commissioned by the Hove Civic Society to be the first on Hove Plinth. The society has also found its new home as part of an effort to bring a trail of sculptures to the city over time.

The new mayor of Brighton, Councillor Mohammed Asaduzzaman, kicked off celebrations in the gardens yesterday.

There were speeches from people involved, music and  stories of the sculpture's individual models - some based on objects in the Hove Museum.

The Argus: Hove Plinth under constructionHove Plinth under construction

Constellation was replaced on the plinth by a new sculpture called Flight of the Langoustine by Pierre Diamantopoulo in September 2023.

People living nearby have been taking part in workshops to restore the gilding after its five-year exposure to the elements.

The construction and installation of a new plinth at Hove Museum, along with the restoration of the sculpture, has been made possible by voluntary effort and fundraising by Hove Civic Society, Brighton and Hove Museum staff and the creative work of Jonathan Wright in designing the new plinth.

The Argus: Hove Museum and Jaipur Gate in forntHove Museum and Jaipur Gate in fornt

Hove Civic Society chairman Helmut Lusser said: "High quality and durable public sculpture is an essential ingredient of every civilised city.

"I am delighted that we now have achieved a second venue in Hove for exhibiting large public sculpture. I am hoping that with a coalition of the willing we will be able to expand and move towards a sculpture trail in our city that will become a national and international destination for art lovers.

The Argus: Artist Jonathan Wright in front of the new plinthArtist Jonathan Wright in front of the new plinth (Image: Supplied)

"This, our latest investment into our public realm would not have been possible without donations from people in Hove and I am particularly grateful for the support we have received from the John Kapp legacy."

Hedley Swain, chief executive of Brighton and Hove Museums, said: "We are delighted to have worked in partnership with Hove Civic Society and artist Jonathan Wright to bring Constellation to Hove Museum of Creativity.

"Not only does this mean the public can continue to enjoy this excellent piece of art but it also has a natural link to our museums through the objects it depicts that sheds a light on Hove’s rich history.”