Two orphaned hoglets have been rescued after being found near their dead mum.

East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service in Whitesmith, Lewes, said the mother had died next to the baby hedgehogs after becoming entangled in netting.

It has not been confirmed where they were found or what condition they are in.

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According to The British Hedgehog Preservation Society, hoglets are often born in the summer and are often orphaned at a young age due to garden and farmland hazards affecting their mothers.

More information about hoglets can be found at

The charity said that these abandoned hoglets are very vulnerable and are often found in a poor state in or near their nests.

It said they could be making a "shrill, bird-like piping" as a call for help.

To survive, human rescuers are advised to give them constant warmth and regular feeding as well as other support, which the preservation society details on its website.

The hoglets are set to stay in the rescue centre's care until they are old enough to be released.